What You’ll Learn from NOT Wearing Makeup

It all started when I was 13. I applied black eyeliner for the first time, looked in the mirror and saw a different person. My eyes looked more defined, fierce, and noticeable. It made me feel confident, and since then, eyeliner became my best friend.

It followed me throughout high school and into college. After many sleepless nights from pulling all-nighters, wearing eyeliner made me feel invincible to remarks like “you look tired”, “what’s wrong?” or “are you ok?”

Then after college, I began to experiment with more cosmetics and added more makeup to my collection. Eventually, I perfected my look with the use of concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer, brow pencil…etc., all with the help of spending one year at a beauty school and watching popular makeup tutorials on YouTube video. It is amazing how makeup can easily cover up imperfections.

Fast forward five years. I realize that I’ve relied too much on makeup. It almost has become a crutch to feel and look good. So I challenged myself to stop relying on beauty products and instead concentrate on enhancing my natural beauty.

If you ever feel like beauty products have been your tower of strength to help you look and feel good but doubt that not wearing makeup can make a difference in your life, challenge yourself to go makeup free for a period.

Here is what you’ll learn from NOT wearing makeup:
1. You’ll appreciate your uniqueness and natural beauty. I don’t consider makeup an enemy, but wearing it every day hides your natural beauty, such as the real color of your lips, cheeks, and freckles.

2. Your face can tell you a lot about your health status. Dry skin and baggy eyes indicate dehydration. Uneven skin tone could mean a lack of nutrients. A lack of sleep could attribute to dark circles under your eyes. Acne can be a result of stress and hormones. Swollen eyelids or bloated cheeks could be a sign of a high-sodium diet. Not wearing makeup allows you to see what your body needs or is lacking then you can alter your lifestyle accordingly.

3. You’ll save time in the morning. Not wearing makeup can help you save time in the morning and instead you can sleep in a little bit more or have more time preparing breakfast.

4. You can improve your focus. Rather than spending time applying makeup or shopping for it, not wearing makeup gives you the opportunity to change your focus and concentrate on healthy ways that bring about true beauty naturally. Remember, beauty comes from the inside out, and it starts with good nutrition and doing what’s good for the soul. Make it a habit each day to do the following:

  • Eat 5-7 cups of colorful fruits and vegetables
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water
  • Sleeping 7-9 hours
  • Exercising at least 30 minutes
  • Journal by writing down three positive thoughts about your life and three things you are grateful for each day.
  • Meditate at least 10 minutes

5. You’ll learn that confidence comes from within and not from makeup. No amount of makeup can give you the confidence you want. It all comes from the positive thoughts you tell yourself. Work on building that mindset.

I challenge you to go makeup free for seven days. It won’t be easy at first, but after a day or so you’ll start to feel empowered when you begin to take more control over your health!

After writing this blog, I found this article “This is what I learned going make-up free for a week” on BuzzFeed written by Erin La Rosa. It’s a great reflection of what she learned from going makeup free, and it’s exactly the perspective that I gained too. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

How do you feel about going makeup-free? How do you think you could benefit? I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment below.